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Ok, this will be brief.

So, I’m in a long personal rant on how and why not to watch YouTube. BUT. I do recognize it has a lot of advantages and some people might enjoy it. So I will do a list of the tips of tricks that will help you improve your YouTube experience by a 50% increase.

. and , allow you to move from frame to frame. Especially useful when a YouTuber puts on a 0,5 second image on the screen

with the arrows, you will go forwards or backward 5 seconds

with J and L you will go forwards or backward 10 seconds (you can see the speed at what you are advancing inside the round arrow that appears in the center of the screen)

K allows you to stop the video wherever you are on the page (unlike SPACE)

C gives you subtitles (captions), it keeps getting better

do you want to spend less time on the platform? speed the video. Oh shit, I’m not understanding anything! Use the captions… (C)

This makes YouTube way more useful

Watch Later playlist. Use it! to all the videos you might be interested but don’t have time for it, without feeling like missing out. And now you consume YouTube how you want to and not how the algorithm wants you to watch it. Also, it helps you to focus on. You are working but your eye catches a video from MrBeast? Watch later!

Treat AI like a pet.

Yep. Train it. Do not allow anyone else to use your YouTube account. Why? Well, then it gives you the videos that you are generally interested to and not a bunch of Dora the Explorer videos your Kid is in love with. Personal Technology Hygiene.

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If I become likable it will be a huge failure, it will mean I no longer shake you in any way, shape, or form. Pic courtesy of Christopher Campbell.

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