Look I'm going to be brutal in my answer. I get where you come from, I get what makes you uncomfortable, but if inequality is what it takes to keep me and the woman I love safe, then that's what I want.

I'm not proud to have this power, it makes me feel safe.

Every 25th of November I cry the women that have been killed this year. All men lose is social circles (in my bubbles were we take this type of situation extremely seriously) in most environments they have no consequences. They are probably unaware of the emotional scars they are leaving.

And yeah it's an abuse of power, enough to be sure no one is abusing or assaulting or harassing me or the women I love again. Because all of us are survivors of different types of misogynistic violence. Enough to feel we can be safe.

And believe me, it sucks that we have to spend energy making sure we're safe. Energy we could spend doing much more joyful things.

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If I become likable it will be a huge failure, it will mean I no longer shake you in any way, shape, or form. Pic courtesy of Christopher Campbell.

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