Love and anarchy is not about what you think it is

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Love and Anarchy |NETFLIX|

For the first two episodes, we hate Sofie. I don’t think there’s anything else I’ve seen where I’ve been so completely unable to empathize with the main character. She is cold, ruthless, and despicable. Unable to understand the concerns of her daughter, annoyed by her dad, she doesn’t want the job she’s given and what's to get out easily. She wants money and not much else.

But what makes her beautiful is how she is in a pendol from one side to another, she has to decide what she does with her life, either if she keeps on living the life she has build for herself, luxurious, uncaring and easily superficial or rather if she goes back inside herself and finds out how she really wants to live, through feeling and caring way too much about what’s going around her.

Love and anarchy is about a woman fighting to get herself back. Refusing the comfortability of her life to get her roots back and honor what she feels. This is expressed through a mad game of dears with her coworker Max. They both push each other to get what they want from life. We may focus a lot on whether or not their sexual tension is solved, but that’s not what their relationship is about, it’s about walking each other through the hardship.

There are characters that pull Sofie towards herself, mainly it’s her father -a very politically involved senior that’s unable to coordinate to achieve real change- and her daughter that pushes her to feel what she has forgotten to feel. But the one character that really pushes her to rethink how she lives her life is Max, the coworker.

You might think that this show is somewhat of a corky love story, about finding your true self by falling in love, but in reality, their love story is not of much interest, it’s just a tool to let the characters grow up.

We are not very used to nudity on the screen, we tend to cover it and ignore it, but it is useful, it’s useful to understand the mental path the characters are going through. And it’s not that big of a deal to see vulvas and penises on the screen.

In Love and Anarchy, they are used to make a point, nudity is taboo, and as so when you use it it’s a metaphor of bending the rules, of doing the unthinkable and pushing the boundaries that you have created in your life. Both, Sofie and Max, use this tool to separate from the families they no longer want to be part of and they use it to connect with each other, not through sex, but through the brutal ingnoration of the rules.

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